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Saturday, January 13, 2007

US to Turkey: Do As We Say, Not As We Did

Turkey says it will invade Iraq if it feels like it.

As long time readers of this blog will already know, Turkey has been repeatedly attacked by the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK), a group that wants to carve an independent Kurdistan out of Northern Iraq (where they have their main base of operations) and parts Iran, Syria, and Turkey. The PKK has been protected by the Kurdish government and the Turks have already made some incursions into Iraqi Kurdistan to attack PKK positions. The US has been trying to halt Turkish intervention without doing much to pressure the Kurdish government to crack down on the PKK. (This conflict was alluded to during the President's speech this week.)

The PKK called a unilateral ceasefire last year that was rejected by the Turkish government and the Kurds have made at least some efforts towards curbing the PKK. I haven't seen much in the Turkish media about the PKK in quite a while. I assume this is because PKK attacks had all but stopped.

The Turks don't appear ready to let this go, however. They also said it is hypocritical of the US to tell them that they can't invade Iraq since the US did just that. This, despite the fact that Turkey is being attacked by ACTUAL terrorists based in Iraq. You will recall that the threat of terrorists in Iraq was one of the lies used to sell the Iraq war the the American public. "But its cute when we do it!"

This was yet another one of the consequences the Bush administration was warned about and chose to ignore before invading Iraq.

I would also like to point out that this is the STABLE part of Iraq.

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