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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Does Anybody Care About Turkey and the Kurds?

The Prime Minister of Turkey wants NATO to help fight Kurds who are attacking from Northern Iraq (i.e. the PKK).

In response the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan declared that any incursion into Iraqi Kurdistan would be considered "an attack on their soil".

Why do I have to go looking for these stories? The only mainstream outlet where I can find anything about this is Reuters. This seems like it could matter to us as I have written about before.

Also, this could become a larger problem for Iran and their Kurdish population. This could force the Iranian regime to be more inward looking than they are currently. But would this make them less stable internally? Would they crack down harder? Would it make them less capable of causing turmoil in the region? Or would it cause further regional destabilization? Hopefully we won't find out. (I would bet on the last one, though.)

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