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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hit It and Twit It

Life is good my friends, but busy and in flux.

Loyal readers of this blog (both of you) will notice that I have REALLY slacked off of late. I feel bad about this, especially in light of everything that I have failed to cover in the ever changing situation in Zimbabwe. [Incredibly long story short: Things are better but still bad.] Hopefully, I'll be better about this in the future. [Although it has amused me that the words "Legalize It" have been at the top of the page for over two months now.

To help me keep this blog up to date with Things You Should Know, you will notice (if you cast your eyes slightly upward from this post) that I have added a Twitter feed. This way, I can "retweet" news stories that I think deserve extra attention. [Expect to see a lot of stories from the Zimbabwe Times.] Please let me know what you think of both the tweets in general and also the way I have formatted the Twitter widget.

Also, it is possible I will be unemployed in the near future; the only benefit of which is that I will (possibly) have more time for blogging.

And lastly, Rancid is releasing their first studio album in around ("Let the Dominoes Fall") 6 years on Tuesday. I listened to it on their MySpace page and am enthused (to say the least). I would suggest buying it; I will be.


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