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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mugabe Pushes on with Land Grabs

So, if you were wondering how much better things would be in Zimbabwe after the swearing in a the ZANU-PF/MDC Unity government, the answer, sadly, is not much:
"Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has vowed to continue seizing land from white farmers after a spate of "farm invasions" over the past month.

Speaking at a rally to celebrate his 85th birthday, he also promised to push for majority Zimbabwean ownership of companies operating in the country."

Just to clarify, the land redistribution policies that have turned the country from a net exporter of food into one where at least half of the 11 million people are in need of some sort of food assistance is going to continue? Secondarily, a country that may well need $5 billion to rebuild its collapsed economy is going to tell foreign corporations (who have already fled the country, mind you) that they cannot operate unless a 51% stake in the company is owned by Zimbabweans (which, by the way, means Mugabe's cronies)? That should get foreign investment ramped right up!

Problem solved! Way to go you crazy, old bastard!

I was afraid the Unity government would not work (although it was hard to fault MDC for trying to do something to halt the complete collapse of the country - there have been some improvements). It may have been better to wait for the Obama Administration to lean on the U.N. (including Russia and China) to actually do something to remove Mugabe from power, which they were apparently discussing. Sadly, that is probably off the table for the time being.

Apparently, beggars can be choosers...they can choose to continue making their people beggars.

PS: While I'm here, I'd also like to point out a fun story that illustrates how China can see Mugabe burn his country down and still support him (hint: they don't give a damn about anything):
Tibetan monk shot while on fire

"The monk, named Tapey, is said to have shouted slogans and waved a Tibetan flag, then doused himself with petrol and set himself alight.

Campaign groups said witnesses then saw Chinese police shoot the man."
Thank goodness me only owe them a trillion dollars.

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