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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Electoral Scoreboard: 297-139

I'll be updating this map all night (and comparing it with my prediction map below). Feel free to make you own by clicking on the states. Enjoy.

Obama: Vermont, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maine, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, DC, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania (Woo-hoo!), New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Michigan, OHIO, New Mexico, Iowa, Real Virginia

McCain: Kentucky, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, Wyoming, North Dakota, Georgia, West (Occupied) Virginia, Louisiana, Kansas, Utah, Texas, Mississippi

9:15 - Both sides have held serve from 2004. No state has changed hands. Obama needs to flip a state or two (hopefully, Florida).

9:27 - The first flip is huge! Ohio. This is also the first deviation from both the 2004 map and my prediction map. But I'm happy to be wrong on this one! Now all Obama has to do is win all the Kerry states and he's got it! Virginia is getting closer with the "Communist" parts still to come in! Things just got better!

9:50 - New Mexico!

10:59 - Virginia goes for Obama!!!!!!!!!!!! California should put him over the top in about 1 minute.

11:00 - Yep. California et al. did it. This is what living during history feels like. Soak it up. (And now I'm going to bed. I'll finish updating th map tomorrow.)

God bless the United States of America.

(Of course, this was the easy part. Now we need to pull together and fix everything in the world.)

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