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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Zimbabwe Election A Sham...As Expected

To sum up yesterday's "election" in Zimbabwe:

Opposition supporters were killed.

Voters were forced to the polls under threat of violence.

Despite that, turnout was apparently very low - despite the government controlled media's assertions to the contrary.

Many who did vote spoiled their ballots, writing "Mugabe Must Go!"

There will likely be reports of violence against the opposition and people who did not vote.

And this (from VoA): "[President] Bush said the United States will press for strong action by the United Nations, including an arms embargo on Zimbabwe and a travel ban on government officials."

So, all in all, another good day for Mugabe. I'm afraid this is just going to continue to slowly spiral down. I can't see a civil war type of situation because the opposition does not seem to have the means to fight a military conflict. There best hope seems to be to hold out for international sanctions and pressure to force a resolution, which hopefully will come sooner rather than later. The one good thing about this sham election is that it has focused the international community on Zimbabwe and how out of control Mugabe is. (What were they thinking before when the country only had 1 million percent inflation?)

In the meantime, Mugabe will likely be inaugurated tomorrow. Much faster than the five weeks it took him to release the results of the first election, isn't it?

Of course, when you are the only candidate allowed to run, counting the votes becomes irrelevant.

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