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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Zim Military Running the Show; Kudos to the BBC

The BBC has done some excellent reporting in uncovering the role of the Zimbabwean military in organizing the crackdown (story and undercover video) against MDC as part of Mugabe's election campaign (also run by the military). Mugabe, et al. are also using food aid as a weapon; taking it from areas that support MDC and using it to buy votes. They've even stolen food aid from America.

The Secretary General of MDC was arrested today upon his return to Zimbabwe and may face a treason charge (which is a capital crime) for releasing election results from the March 29th poll before the Zimbabwean Election Commission.

[Just to recap: in Mugabe's Zimbabwe, it is punishable by death to report election results, even though it took days for the ZEC to fix report the results.]

Oh, and Tsvangiral was arrested...and released...again.

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