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Thursday, June 05, 2008

U.S. & British Diplomats Attacked in Zimbabwe

They are safe now, but one native-Zimbabwean staffer was beaten by police and/or so-called "War Veterans."

No shame.

The U.N. Security Council may get involved with this now. However, with Mugabe's best friend China on the Council, I doubt anything real will happen.

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Comments on "U.S. & British Diplomats Attacked in Zimbabwe"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:12 AM) : 

I do not believe it is even a case of China although they would undoubtedly support Zimbabwe (i.e. RGM). It is more to do with a list of priorities. I know that people globally have been debating on the waning strength of America as a global superpower. The truth is that they are not waning in power but that other powers are emerging. America is still preeminent in many ways and if they really felt threatened or felt that it was vital to respond aggresively (or defensively aggressively) they would and not even China would be able to stop them. American politicians are simply looking at the future at the world of tomorrow that is being shaped today with the belief that the Zimbabwean president will not live forver and thus it is best to let sleeping dogs lie whilst pursuing the bigger picture. The anguish and suffering that Zimbabweans are experiencing is not the fault of America or Britain offical statements of sanctions notwithstanding; it is indeed a Zimbabwean dilema and while we exist on the pretext of nationalities and boundaries ... will remain one.


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