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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Jim Webb Counters McCain

Jim Webb introduced Obama at a rally in Virginia today.

Yesterday he was interviewed by The Huffington Post and again proved why he is an awesome Senator and would be an awesome running mate for Obama.

For example, here is his response to the flap McCain is trying to instigate about Obama traveling to Iraq to talk to Gen. Petreus:
"If you know who to listen to, if you know how to make judgments, if you know how evaluate information, you can do that. I don't think Franklin Roosevelt was ever at the front in France during WWII in order to help end the war."
That's his polite way of saying, "Suck it, McCain!"

Obama/Webb '08

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Comments on "Jim Webb Counters McCain"


Blogger Catzmaw said ... (11:14 PM) : 

Back atcha, Johnnie. Answer that one!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:36 AM) : 

One could argue that I should concern myself with matters closer to my own 'shores' rather than peer to the distant horizon and contemplate events in those lands. Yet do you know why I love opinion? Because opinion is discovery, it is the path to facts characterised by the persuit of knowledge; it is living on the edge because there is always possibility that opinion is contrary to facts; nevertheles if we were all afraid to voice our opinion what would we do with lawyers and politicians? I dont really mean that I just wrote it because it is a popular belief that lawyers and politicians are less than honest.

In any case politics and law as well as other disciplines that challenge the faculties of my mind have always fascinated me, and so has America for its historical and global significance; could it be that I am attracted to the concept of awesome power? This may explain my predilection for conflict: anyway back to the point. I like Obama because of what he represents and because I trust that what he represents is also who he is and this makes him have integrity at least from my point of view. At the present moment an election along the lines of the American election are a pipe dream in my country where the right to choose a candidate is not based on an individuals right but rather on the ruling parties efforts to stifle opposition and through any means necessary convince the general populace that they are being brutalized for their own good.

I am not sure who Webb is but I will do so in a few days as I read up on him. In any case the prospect of Barack Obama being the American president is an idea whose time has come.


Blogger Anonymoustache said ... (9:37 AM) : 

Allright Robb, you guys brought him home once, you can do it again. And we will help. I think it is time to start Webb's campaign for Veep.
J-Dub for the win!


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