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Friday, May 09, 2008

Zimbabwe Update: Time to Start Paying Attention, People

[I'm still here, hoping for the best.]

The BBC has an entire section dedicated to the Zimbabwe crisis that you should check out. They are also receiving personal stories from a writer in Zimbabwe:
"He was abducted from his home on Monday night, beaten up and returned to his home.

He managed to send text messages to his family, and told them not to come and collect him to seek medical treatment as he was instructed by his assailants not to leave the area "Or else."

Because he does not hold a Zanu-PF membership card, it was assumed he was an MDC supporter.

And the worst part was that he was given a 'certificate' to show he had received his beating.

He was told to produce it whenever someone else wanted to beat him as proof that it had already been done.

The paper even had a date stamp and the signature of the leader of the group."
There are also concerns that the runoff may be delayed for more than a year - ironically because it is too violent in the country to hold credible elections. So, Mugabe's violence against his own country gives him the very justification to stay in power!


And we continue to do nothing...

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