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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zimbabwe Presidential Runoff Delayed 90 Days

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (which was stacked by "President" Robert Mugabe) has decided to violate the Zimbabwean Constitution and increase the time in which a runoff election must be held from 21 to 90 days (which should be around the 1st of August).

That means three more months of violence and intimidation.

I hope people don't forget about Zimbabwe in the face of things like Myanmar and the Chinese earthquake. I won't. I will be here for the whole summer.

The good news just keeps coming for China who, to refresh your memory, is one of the main reasons Mugabe has managed to stay in power. Oh, and they are desperately trying to supply him with weapons to help in his crackdown.

One interesting note, if the election is held on August 1st, it will be one week before the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing. I think it is somehow appropriate that the run up to the Olympics will coincide with the violent run up to the Zimbabwe election. (And the violent aftermath of the election will coincide with the games themselves.) Hopefully, this confluence will help focus international attention on the atrocities that are sure to be committed by Mugabe with China's aid and consent.

[Have a cool summer, China!]

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