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Friday, May 23, 2008

Tsvangirai to Return to Zimbabwe Tomorrow

The MDC leader is set to return to the country to begin campaigning for the June 27th presidential runoff.

He was forced to abort his planned return to Zimbabwe last week after word of an assassination plot reached MDC officials.

I'm not sure how MDC thinks it will be able to ensure Tsvangirai's safety when the entire security apparatus (military, police) of the country, not to mention the so-called "War Veterans", are trying to kill him.

Unfortunately, he doesn't really have a choice. You can't campaign for president if you aren't in the country.

Let's hope he can stay safe. Last year, he had his skull cracked after being arrested for violating a government ban on public protests.

I don't think he'll get off that easy if Mugabe gets his hands on him again. I know he has no choice but I'm afraid returning to the country right now may be suicide.

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