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Monday, April 28, 2008

Zimbabwe Update and What You Can Do

[I was away from my computer for the weekend so I missed some significant developments.]

The two factions of the Zimbabwean opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) announced today that they are reuniting to work as a combined front against Mugabe. This comes after recount results showed that MDC has won a majority in parliament.

Also, the Secretary General of MDC is going to address the U.N. Security council tomorrow. Hopefully, this will help spur the U.N. to action. (However, with Mugabe arms supplier China on the Security Council, I doubt anything significant will come from this. It does help to raise the profile of the issue, which will hopefully shame China - again, not likely.)

Finally, on my last post, I had a comment from the proprietor of the Zimbabwean blog Scotch Cart in Harare North (who I have added to my blogroll). Some of these action items are too late to do (Sorry!) but many are not - especially contacting the embassies.
"Despair is our biggest enemy.

Please do one small thing today to help.
1. Email the SA Embassy protesting the deportation of Zimbabweans back to Zimbabwe (follow This is Zimbabwe for details)
2. Email the USA embassy in China on a fyi basis to tell them what is happening. There is a big British delegation over there right now.
3. Email everyone you know in SA to ask them what they think. It raises consciousness. Ditto in all African countries.
4. If you are a member of a church, join the world wide prayer day for Zimbabwe on Sunday. Awareness helps.
5. If you are part of other organizations, consider how you can help.

Civil action turned away a ship that had travelled across the globe. This has had an enormous effect. It only takes good people to speak up for good to prevail.

Thanks for thinking of us and giving us blog space. 'God be with you'."
And also with you...

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