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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Zimbabwe Election Update VI: What about Bob?

[I was hoping I could use this title at some point.]

I have been reading conflicting reports about what is going on with Mugabe.

The story seemed to be that party bigwigs in ZANU-PF were negotiating with the opposition on a way to transition Mugabe out of power, possibly including some sort of freedom from reprisals for the (former?) dictator. The MDC - specifically, Morgan Tsvangirai, the party leader - is denying this. Apparently, Tsvangirai may not have won the 50%+ 1 vote needed to avoid a run-off election but competing in a run-off may be too humiliating for Mugabe to be willing to endure.

To get Mugabe out, the MDC will probably, happily, make a deal. And I wouldn't blame them. Of course, the military may have different ideas and ZANU-PF may be stalling for yet more time to fix the election.

So, we have to continue waiting until something definitive is released by the Zimbabwe Election Commission.

The current tally for the House of Assembly is:

MDC (combined): 82
ZANU-PF: 79 (three of Mugabe's ministers have now lost their seats)

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