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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Zimbabwe Election Update IX: MDC Declares Victory!

The MDC has declared Morgan Tsvangirai the winner of the presidential poll:

Tsvangirai: 50.3%
Mugabe: 42.9%
Makoni: 6.8%

Surpassing 50% means that no run-off would be necessary. However, it seems doubtful that these result will stand since the state run media has been predicting a run-off is in the offing. I'd be surprised if these results were allowed to stand but this is a bold move by the MDC. They must be feeling very confident (or very worried).

House of Assembly Results:

MDC (combined): 96

I expect that the house results will end up with a narrow lead for ZAUN-PF, allowing them to remain in control.

There is a lot of potential for volatility depending on what the "official" results end up saying.

I doubt Mugabe has given up yet - the question is: have those around him?

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