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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Torture & Genocide in Zimbabwe

Things continue to spiral downward in Zimbabwe.

Leaders of the churches of Zimbabwe have released a united plea for help to resolve the electoral crisis. They say that people are being kidnapped and tortured by Mugabe's surrogates and that, if it isn't checked soon, the violence could escalate to the level of genocide. (History has shown that genocide in Africa is not uncommon and, unfortunately, is mostly ignored by the rest of the world. Hopefully, this pattern won't continue in Zimbabwe.)

For visual evidence of the torture that is going on see here. [WARNING: GRAPHIC] People are being beaten with chains and set on fire.

Independent election monitors have declared that the recount is being rigged. This is particularly telling considering monitors were not nearly as critical of the original election.

He's stealing it, folks, and (more) people are going to die. "Never again" sounds more hollow every day.

Update: The BBC has a video report on the violence in Zimbabwe.

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