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Saturday, April 12, 2008

"There is no crisis in Zimbabwe."

So says South African President (and all around waste of space) Thabo Mbeki.

That was his declaration after meeting with Robert Mugabe prior to today's SADC regional meeting on the subject of the Zimbabwean presidential election, which has now gone two weeks without results being released. Violent intimidation and reprisals against Mugabe's opponents are the order of the day in Zimbabwe as he prepares to once again unlawfully cling to power. Apparently, though, all is well. So, thanks for the help, Mbeki. Why don't you go give another speech about how HIV doesn't cause AIDS?

Hopefully, the SADC will actually come out with a strong rebuke against Mugabe but, with Mbeki present and Mugabe not, and their history of hero-worshipping Mugabe, I doubt it.

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