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Thursday, April 10, 2008

MDC Plans to Boycott Presidential Run-Off

Apparently, Morgan Tsvangirai and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) have decided that they will boycott any presidential run-off.

I am unaware of any time that boycotting an election has not been a huge mistake for the boycotting party. (E.g., Sunni's in Iraq, opposition parties in Venezuela.)

Even if the election is going to be stolen, MAKE THEM STEAL IT! Do not just roll over. It'll be rough, no question, but so is the alternative.

On the other hand, attending the emergency regional summit is the right move. Everyone knows Mugabe stole the election; hopefully, the heads of state of the other countries in the region will have the sack to call him on it. (Spoiler: Don't expect that from South Africa's Thabo Mbeki.)

PS: If you want to see how Mugabe actually steals an election, see here and here. WARNING: Graphic images.

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