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Sunday, April 20, 2008

McCain: And He Was BY FAR the Best Republican Candidate

This morning, John McCain was on "This Week" with George "quantify the strength of another person's feelings toward a somewhat abstract concept and compare to the strength of your own feelings toward that same concept" Stephanopolous. (That is a much more complicated, albeit accurate, nickname than when I used to call him George Snuffleupagus.)

It really brought into focus how much my opinion of McCain has been diminished during his presidential campaign.

My favorite moment was when McCain argued (I don't have access to the exact quote, but the gist is) that an increase in fees to people on (I believe) Medicaid should not be viewed as a tax increase because it is a fee, not a tax.

I seem to remember one of the Republican primary debates where McCain lit into Mitt Romney, saying that the increases in fees that the state of Massachusetts charged for things like signs for McDonald's on the interstate were, according to McCain, actually taxes because he was sure they felt like taxes to the people who had to pay them. But, apparently, McCain can throw down a "fee increase" and that isn't a tax because he says it a fee. Just one of the many examples of the new "I'll do anything to be president" McCain. Sound familiar, Hillary fans?

In other McCain shouldn't president news, check out his economic cred:

Oh, and he's also apparently a bit of a rage-aholic (i.e., he's addicted to rage-ahol).


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Blogger Dan Geroe said ... (12:44 AM) : 

Addicted to rage-ahol? Simpsons reference, I'm hoping?


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