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Thursday, April 10, 2008

China's Perfect $#!#storm

I am really enjoying all the outcry and protests around the Olympic flame as it slouches towards Beijing but I have not written about my delicious schadenfreude yet.

I have always thought it was stupid that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ever gave China the Olympics in the first place and was just another example of everyone lying down for the PRC. But now? Now, it could hardly be working out worse for PRC leadership! This was supposed to be China's coming out party as a world power but it has ended up looking more like China is on an episode of "My Super Sweet 16". (Yes, I have seen that show and it nearly as soul crushing and the PRC.) They are being exposed as the petulant children that they are. The well-timed Tibetan protests (as well as in other restive provinces) have shown how the PRC runs China.

Iron fist. No dissent. Nothing to see here.

Unfortunately, for them, there is plenty to see.

I am glad to see that the IOC has said that athletes competing in Beijing will be able to speak freely while there (other than the actual Chinese athletes, of course). However, considering the IOC is basically a bunch of whores, I will need to see that to believe it. Good luck, NBC.

I was all for a boycott but I think having the athletes speak out in Beijing or staging protests on the medal stand will be much more powerful than just not showing up (although, I think everyone - heads of state as well as athletes - should boycott the opening ceremonies).

I will certainly watch way more of this Olympics than I have of any other in recent memory just to see what embarrasses the PRC leadership next, and believe me there will be plenty more to come. Now is the greatest opportunity Chinese dissidents have had since Tiananmen Square. Let's hope this public shaming will pressure the PRC into opening up life for the Chinese people (not to mention the Tibetan people).

But don't hold your breath (although, in Beijing, you may WANT to hold your breath).

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