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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Zimbabwe Election Update II: Opposition Declares Victory

The Movement for Democratic Change (opposition) party in Zimbabwe has declared themselves the overwhelming victor in both parliamentary and presidential polls based on results they say they got directly from polling stations.

The elections were declared "peaceful and credible" by monitors but there was dissent on that conclusion amongst the monitors. Also, the release of the official results are being delayed, most likely because they are being altered to give Mugabe and Zanu-PF the election. I have also read that the delay may be so that the government can put security forces in place to crush any protests or popular uprising.

So, it is a case of wait and see. (Rumors are already circulating. Hopefully, the "Mugabe has fled the country" one is true.)

Update: Results are expected to be announced at 6 AM Zimbabwe time.

Comments on "Zimbabwe Election Update II: Opposition Declares Victory"


Blogger Ngema said ... (2:58 AM) : 

It shatters me that such a peace loving, friendly group of people should have been left to suffer at the hands of such an evil man,Mugabe. A generation of undisiplined blood thirtsty youths have been carefully developed to help this power loving regieme, some of the sharing polititians,army personel also being envolved in this systematic degredation of a wonderful country and DO YOU THINK THIS WILL BE FREE AND FAIR? Once again the world stands by to something which is evil and wrong.This is NOT the normal sickening cry of racism,look in the mirror it shows the truth.


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