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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday Liveblog: Obama Wins Georgia, Illinois, Delaware, & Alabama!

9:25 - NBC calls New Jersey for Clinton; Alabama for Obama.

9:03 - NBC calls Delaware for Obama! (Without a Biden endorsement.)

9:00 - CNN calls New York for Clinton. The final delegate split will also be important here.

8:57 - Clinton wins Massachusetts. Not a big surprise but this would have been a big upset for Barack. The delegate will probably be pretty close.

8:55 - Seven more states' polls close in 5 minutes.

8:47 - Chuck Todd on MSNBC says that the final delegate counts from the states that have closed will be very favorable to Obama.

8:31 - Clinton wins Arkansas.

8:30 - NBC exit polls say Obama wins every age group 17-50. Clinton wins 50+. (The Worstest Generation is still trying to destroy America.)

8:20 - NBC calls Tennessee for Clinton.

8:18 - Breaking: Wolf Blitzer knows the names of many different shades of red!

8:00 - CNN projects Illinois for Obama; Oklahoma for Clinton. Everything else too close to call.

7:55 - Everything is going to explode at 8PM. Nine more states to close.

7:35 - The Clinton campaign is already making excuses for losing in Georgia.

7:10 PM - Barack wins Georgia: 86% of black vote, 43% of white vote for Obama. Not bad for the deep South.

More to come. I'll be doing this till I get too tired. Stay tuned!


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