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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Obama Looking Past Super Tuesday

The Nebraska caucuses are on February 9th. Obama has started running ads in Nebraska (if that doesn't illustrate how different this year is, nothing will.)

The New Nebraska Network has a story about the ad buy (here's the ad):

And the story about a Nebraska superdelegate who wants one of the Dem candidates to come visit Nebraska. (Interesting side note, Bill Clinton didn't visit Nebraska during his Presidency until late in his last year - will Hillary follow suit?)

People in Nebraska are excited about Obama (and, I can say anecdotally, not just Democrats). I'm sure you can't say the same thing about Hillary Clinton.

Comments on "Obama Looking Past Super Tuesday"


Blogger Anonymoustache said ... (7:37 AM) : 

Good. And I'm not surprised. Obama is just more open and genuine than the rest of them. I happened to catch about 15 minutes of Michelle Obama talking to Soledad OBrien on CNN and she was the same---forthright, smart, level-headed. From what I have seen, people in the midwest (particularly in NE) are really well grounded and have finely tuned bullsh*t meters. Don't get me wrong--- the midwest has its share of fundies and whackjobs like everywhere else, but the people that are willing to think in these parts are really good at separating substance from marketing.
It had gotten so bad that I couldn't watch any political discourse on TV for the past few years---I just read transcripts anymore. But now I can watch Barack speak and once again get inspired, not upset.


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