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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hillary W. Clinton

This article from The Atlantic details the recent firing of Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle.

Frankly, I find it somewhat disturbing...
No one could have predicted Barack Obama's sudden rise, though the Clinton campaign was slower to recognize it than most. Solis Doyle's failure is another matter. As much as Clinton touts her own "executive experience" and judgment, she made Solis Doyle her campaign manager because of Solis Doyle's loyalty, rather than her skill, despite a trail of available evidence suggesting she was unsuited for the role.
...and eerily familiar.

I've had enough of a president who only listens to his pals - no matter how demonstrably incompetent they are - and I damn sure don't want another one. (Or say, someone who gets the job because of nepotism - I don't want that either.)

A separate but related point illustrated here is: If this campaign (and its woeful mismanagement of funds and strategy) is indicative of Clinton's executive skills, I think I'll feel better with her in the Senate.

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