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Sunday, February 03, 2008

GOTV for Obama in Virginia

Here is an email I just got from the Virginia State Director of Obama for America:
Dear Robb,

What we do in Virginia over the next nine days can change America.

After Barack's overwhelming victory in South Carolina, the spotlight has turned to the 28 states -- including Virginia -- holding primaries and caucuses in the next two weeks.

Thanks to your work, we've built an unprecedented grassroots organization across the nation. But we have only nine days to make this happen.

Sign up to help Get Out The Vote in Virginia for the February 12th primary:

People across the country are hungry for a different kind of leadership and a different kind of politics.

But they want to know where our movement is headed -- whether all the passion and support this campaign has generated can actually change the entrenched old ways of Washington.

You can answer right now.

Across the state, Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans have come together around this campaign because they know Barack Obama is the one candidate who can deliver the change this country needs.

But in these crucial final days before the primary, it's going to take a lot of effort and organization to turn our support into a strong showing for Barack on February 12th.

Sign up to help Get Out The Vote in Virginia:

Thank you,


Stacey Brayboy
Virginia State Director
Obama for America

P.S. -- If you are in the Richmond area, visit our new Virginia Headquarters, meet our staff, and find opportunities to volunteer.

Virginia for Obama Headquarters
808 North Hamilton Street
Richmond, VA 23221
Call: 804-335-9706
Virginia is going to matter in this primary. So, let's get this done!


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