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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clinton's Done

NBC's Chuck Todd is saying that Clinton needs to win 56% of the remaining delegates to be able to win.

That seems unlikely just on its face.

However, when you take into account that Obama will win Hawaii huge and will probably do pretty well in Wisconsin as well (he's won all the rest of the Midwest so far), that will just push that percentage higher and she's just not going to beat him by double digits anywhere left down the road. The superdelegates will become irrelevant because they will end up ratifying the pledged delegate results. Florida and Michigan will be accommodated but they won't matter. (Add in the Clinton campaign's recent staff shake-ups and ostensible financial problems and, frankly, it just isn't good for her.)

Listen, fellow Obama people: I'm not saying quit fighting or relax. I'm not saying don't make phone calls or donate time and money. I'm just saying, she of all people should understand the concept of inevitability. She's done. (I'll be the first to back her for Senate Majority Leader, however. She should get on that.) She may not even make it to March 4, but she'll almost certainly be done after that.

And, BTW, Virginia played a HUGE part in turning this page. Congratulations to everyone who worked their butts off for this crushing victory. First Jim Webb, now this. I'm so glad I moved here. Virginia kicks @$$!


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