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Sunday, December 02, 2007

New Nebraska Coach to Be Announced Today

The players will meet with the new coach at 2:30 (central) and the official press conference will be at 4 (central). (You can watch or listen to the press conference here.)

I assume, since it is happening today, that it will be Pelini.

That's fine, he should do a good job.

I am kind of torn about him leaving LSU before the bowl game. I want him to get on recruiting and building a staff for Nebraska, but I would hate to see Ohio State win a National Championship because LSU's defense takes a hit (probably it won't matter - see Ohio State v. Florida last year).

Anyway, if Pelini is named today, I will be buying two new hats today: 1 (or 2) new Nebraska hats (I've been waiting for 4 years to buy a new one - my current ones are filthy) and a Buffalo Bulls hat. Go Turner Gill!

Besides, Pelini says Nebraska is his dream job but what happens when Jim Tressel leaves Ohio State? It may be an opportunity for Gill to come in down the road. On the other hand, Bob Stoops stayed with Oklahoma when he had the chance to go to Ohio State and Les Miles (Pelini's boss, at least until 4pm central today) is staying at LSU rather than going to his alma mater of Michigan.

So, who knows? If Tom says Pelini is better suited for the job than Turner, who else would you be more apt to believe? Maybe Pelini will stay for 10-20 years. The only thing I know is, I am excited again, I care again. When NU hired Callahan, they tore out my heart. Now I feel like I am getting it back. Forget National Championships, I will never again take a conference championship for granted. I definitely think Pelini can get us there.

But, as I have said, I won't believe anything until Tom Osborne tells me.

(Remember when this blog used to talk about politics and foreign affairs?)

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