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Thursday, December 06, 2007

More on the Omaha Shooting

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9 Dead in Nebraska Mall Shooting

The teenager carried his rifle into the mall, passing shoppers and decorations.

A department store employee was pressing a suit for a customer. A woman was making a quick stop to buy Christmas presents before picking up her son from school. Christmas music played.

The gunman stopped on the third floor and cut through the sounds with gunfire. Shoppers and employees at the Westroads Mall scrambled for cover in dressing rooms, clothing racks, offices and storage areas.

Eight people were killed and five wounded before the shooter ended the horror by taking his own life. He left behind a note that read, in part, "Now I'll be famous."

You'll be famous as another nut who shot a bunch of innocent people in a mall in Omaha. Congratulations.

You were a waste of time.

No one will remember your name.

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