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Monday, November 26, 2007

2007 is turning out to be a fine year for the University of Nebraska

And not just because Callahan got fired. This should make Robb and gang very happy---The UNL is back in the Top Ten, in a really, really good way.

The Scientist just released its 2007 version of the Best Places to Work in Academia and UNL came in at an impressive #8! Given the large number of superb universities and research institutes in the USA, this is no mean feat.

I guess the N does stand for Knowledge! (Well, that joke just doesn't work as well in print as it does in the spoken realm.)

Congrats, y'all.


Comments on "2007 is turning out to be a fine year for the University of Nebraska"


Blogger Rick Howell said ... (7:39 PM) : 

Excuse me....but didn't Colorado just kick the shit out of you....?


Blogger Robb said ... (9:30 PM) : 

Not to defend that debacle, but 65-51 isn't getting the $#!# kicked out of you - it's bad football all around.

I am looking at the big picture: Bill Callahan is no longer our coach and, hopefully, one of the two guys who should have been given the job four years ago will get it now.

So, yes, 2007 is a red-letter year for Nebraska. (That was for V.)


Blogger Anonymoustache said ... (7:46 AM) : 

Generally, I don't fight a battle of wits against an unarmed person, but I'll make an exception this time.
You missed the point. Even if one concedes, say, that Colorado "kicked the sh*t out of UNL" in that football game, the fact that UNL got ranked #8 in the nation amongst "best places to work in Academia" makes this a great year for the school. Even keeping in perspective the importance of football to that state.
Recruiting in science, as in football, is tough for certain places and schools. Even if they were offered more money, facilities and latitude by a academically lesser-known school, it used to be that many top candidates would prefer to accept much less to be at a "snobbier" school. The "cool" factor works in science too---the perception (and often reality too) was that people would rather work in a toilet in Yale than in the penthouse in Midwest State U or U of Bigsky. And this thinking also sometimes affects peer-review and granting---something nobody will admit to, but trust me it exists. Therefore, this ranking (voted on by scientists, I should add) is, as Al Michaels would say, "UUUUUge" for the school. Top candidates will now be less worried about what their peers may think if they choose to go to UNL over a bigger-name school.
Of course, Ricky, you may just be bitter that UNL shares the top ten with Mass General, The National Cancer Inst, St. Jude's etc, and is actually ranked ahead of places such as Duke and The Mayo Clinic, whereas, at the same time, The U of Colorado is nowhere to be found on that list. So now, who kicked the sh*t out of whom?
You have a nice day now!


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