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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Constitutionally Mandated Primary Schedule?

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An amendment is needed to fix the primary mess

By Larry J. Sabato

The presidential selection process is badly broken and must be
fixed. Several good plans have been proposed, but they haven't gone far
enough or offered the kind of discipline necessary to prevent future
chaos. We need a constitutional amendment that establishes a rational
schedule of primaries.

UVA's own Larry Sabato has a prescription to fix the Presidential primary calender idiocy that has swept the nation. It seems pretty damn complicated but perhaps that is what is needed to fix such a badly broken system.

In my opinion, if the later primary states want their contests to mean something, then maybe they shouldn't all blindly vote for whoever wins Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. (Again, I cannot believe these are the people who get to decide this.)

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