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Monday, August 20, 2007

Nunn Looking to Unity 08?

Former Georgia Democratic Senator Sam Nunn is considering throwing his hat into the presidential race - as an independent:
"It's a possibility, not a probability," said Nunn, now the head of a nonprofit organization out to reduce the threat posed by nuclear, biological and chemical weaponry. "My own thinking is, it may be a time for the country to say, 'Timeout. The two-party system has served us well, historically, but it's not serving us now.'"

The 68-year-old former senator, still considered one of the foremost experts on national security, confirmed that he's discussed a presidential run as part of several conversations with Michael Bloomberg, the New York mayor.

More important, Nunn said he's been in touch with Unity '08, a group with a goal of fielding a bipartisan or independent ticket for president. Initial talks began with Hamilton Jordan, a co-founder of Unity '08 and former chief of staff to President Jimmy Carter. - AJC
He's not well known by your average American but he would certainly bring respectability to a third party candidacy - more so than a Ralph Nader or a Ross Perot. Paired with Bloomberg as VP and plenty of cash? That might scare some people.


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