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Friday, March 16, 2007

Wake up, Idiots!

China has passed a law that offers protection for private property.

This is Communism dying...with a whimper. (Are you listening, Cuba?)

It will also keep China on the fast track to a full market economy - something of which every American should take note.

Unfortunately, in this country we are too obsessed with "fighting terror" and shopping at Wal-Mart to notice or care that China will be the dominant power in the 21st century unless we pull our heads out of the sand and pay attention.

They already own a massive amount of our debt. Something that they can threaten us with to affect our policies towards them. They are in the process of a massive military build-up (and they aren't bogged down in any wars, either). They are cultivating strategic relationships around the world with many questionable regimes (particularly in Africa) in an attempt to both strengthen their own hand internationally and limit American hegemony.

They are doing all this and more...and we do nothing.

Despite this move, China is still led by a brutally repressive regime that conducts far more executions every year than all other nations combined. They are not our pals.

We don't need to fear them, we certainly don't need to hate them [Note: I am note bashing the Chinese people, just the now psuedo-Communist regime.], but we do need to respect them.

Pay attention.


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