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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jimmy Carter: Bunny Killer

I learned a fascinating bit of Presidential trivia last night: Jimmy Carter apparently killed a bunny rabbit with a boat oar. And it was caught on camera somehow.

How did he not get re-elected?

Comments on "Jimmy Carter: Bunny Killer"


Blogger Catzmaw said ... (9:50 PM) : 

I remember it well. At the time it was thought to be a rabbit, but later I think the consensus was that it was actually a nutria, a semi-aquatic rodent about two feet long and maybe 20 pounds. One web site says When cornered or captured, nutria are aggressive and can inflict serious injury to pets and humans. Extreme care should be taken when handling captured nutria.

Here's the cite: Nutria

Considering their reputation as rather large, toothy, and sometimes aggressive rodents perhaps we're being a little hard on Mr. Carter.


Blogger Robb said ... (10:00 PM) : 

I'm not judging him, I just think it's hilarious.

Nutria? That's what George's "rat hat" was made of on Seinfeld. Bonus amusement for me!


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