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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dollar Coin Conspiracy

Apparently, several of the new George Washington dollar coins were struck without "In God We Trust" on the edges.

This is either:

1. Another attempt by the Godless liberal elite who (now) run the country to eliminate religion from public life.


2. An attempt to raise interest in a dead horse of an idea that gets trotted out and beaten every several years.

Let me go on record as saying that I believe #2 is the answer. (Seriously, I really do.)

I think we should get rid of the dollar bill because, according to the Government Accountability Office, using coins would save around $500 million a year. [Unfortunately, we whiny Americans don't want to have to carry change. Boo-hoo. I swear we get worked up over the stupidest damn things. But I digress.] However, even I think this is a little too convenient. They are saying it is a quality control issue not a mechanical one. Which means that the QC folks let some slide; but if there is no mechanical problem, how did it happen in the first place!?!

Witness the most boring government conspiracy ever!

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