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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Crazy Crap That I Rank High on in Google

I've been compiling this for about the last week. Here are a few interesting Google searches and where I rank on the results page:

How did the generalist cell have to change in order to become intestinal cells? #2

"the worst country in the world" Zimbabwe #2 [As God as my witness, I will get to #1!]

worst country in the world Zimbabwe #3 [Ditto]

amoeba Kurdistan #6 [Huh?]

cuban finch mutation photo #1 on third page

athf trailer #7 [Go Moononites!]

unsuccessful communist countries #6 [That's a looong list, too.]

kurdish comedy clips #4 [I've dropped completely off this one by now. I guess those Kurdish comedians have a lot of material to work with nowadays.]

IVF in Saudi's culture #9

untitled mastershake project #2

Feb 28, 2007 issue of USA Penny Saver #6

Everything sucks #9 [Amongst the Reel Big Fish and Descendants lyrics – my crowning achievement.]

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