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Monday, March 05, 2007

Botswanan Model for HIV Testing May Be Adopted in the US

Here is a story that is an interesting confluence of two of my usual subjects: HIV/AIDS and Botswana/Zimbabwe.

Botswana made HIV testing almost universal (with the option to opt out, of course) and the percentage of the estimated number of HIV-infected people receiving anti-HIV treatment rose from approximately 17% to 70%. That's ridiculously effective. Go Botswana!

The program was so successful that it is being considered here in the states. Of course, there are human rights issues and the concern that people won't get the proper counseling if the number of tests rises dramatically. Also, the safety net for receiving HIV-drugs is stretched thin right now and a massive influx of people who need free drugs is likely to break the system.

Read more about it. Or just go get tested.

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