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Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm a Unity '08 Delegate!

Now, I'm sure this will rankle many of the Democrats who primarily make up my readership. However, as I have repeatedly avowed on the site, I am not a Democrat. Nor am I a Republican. I am a center-left (most of the time) independent. I don't feel entirely comfortable with any label on me.

That is why I like Unity08.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Unity 08 movement, they aim to nominate one Republican and one Democrat as part of a unity Presidential ticket for the 2008 election. (There is also room for an Independent.) The point of this is to try to appeal to the moderate center of the United States that has been abandoned by the major political parties in favor of relatively small, single issue, polarized factions that have big $$$. (For more info on Unity08, see What We Believe and Our Goals.)

One of the ways that Unity08 is going to try and gain a broad appeal is by holding a virtual online convention to nominate the Unity ticket. That's what this is about:You will notice that I have added this button to my sidebar. It is linked to the Unity08 site so that you too can become a delegate. Anyone can be a delegate, not just party insiders or deep-pocketed donors.

So, if you are tired of people in South Carolina (Thanks for W, idiots!), Iowa (John Kerry? Are you #@&%ing serious?), and New Hampshire (New Hampshire? NEW HAMPSHIRE!?!) deciding for you which two white men you get to choose between, then head over to Unity08 and at least let the parties know that you are tired of being ignored!

I will vote for whomever I think will be the best person (nominated) to be President. (Can't imagine that being a Republican in the near future, btw. Happy Dems?) I will not feel beholden to vote for the Unity08 ticket unless I feel that they will be best for the country and neither should you. The point is to participate! You don't have to leave your party of choice (if you have one) to be a part of Unity08. But why limit your options? Hopefully, this will add more variety to the national debate.

I plan to cover any interesting Unity08 developments; so, if you are interested in learning more, this will be the place to watch. Or, for a more complete picture of Unity08, check out their site.

In the words of my brother, "Wake up, Robots!"

(Please feel free to use this space to discuss Unity08 or to pillory me for supporting it.)


Comments on "I'm a Unity '08 Delegate!"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:09 PM) : 

Good luck, Robb. I don't think it will work as it seems too contrived. But hey, it is an idea that is different from the status quo and for that reason alone it may have merit.
BTW, I am a bit puzzled by your defensiveness at being an independent. I honestly believe that no right thinking person could be completely aligned with either party in good conscience. I think you will agree that I am the most liberal person you know, and I don't automatically align with the dems. The dems are the better pick on many issues, but (sadly) thats really not saying much on many occasions. So I think independent is the ONLY way to go.
Getting back to the issue of rescuing the political system, the only true way to do that is to raise awareness in people. In a perverse way, we owe a lot to the Bush administrations of the past 7 years for exposing, in the general public, the stunning level of ignorance of, and/or apathy towards, and/or even approval of, the outrageous rape of freedom and plundering of our coffers that these administrations have perpetrated. But heck even in the worst polls, about 30% of the people thought Bush was doing a "good job". 30 freaking percent. Thats 30% of the vote that will never align itself with intelligent governance or the country's good. The reasons for why this 30% thinks that way are immaterial for now (they are the keys to the long term, though). For now, the fact remains that an alarmingly large number of people are happy with the events of the past 7 years as orchestrated by W. And there's at least half as many more that are looking for some, any, even if feeble, reason to re-align themselves with the Decider. The governance of this country has been reduced to a Auburn vs Alabama or OSU vs Michigan mentality. You pick a side and support it fanatically. Even in the worst days of your franchise, you are strongly aligned to it and are waiting for a reason to believe that you were right all along.
Till we can stop that mentality from spilling over into politics, all other political approaches are just gimmicks.
Oh BTW, we need to get rid of the electoral college too.
Sorry to be such a debbie downer.


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