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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday Media Dump

Lots of stuff today.


New House bill to roll back oil company tax breaks and use the money to research renewable energy. This alone was worth voting for the Democrats.

"White House: No Plan To Attack Iran, Syria". They didn't a have plan for Iraq, either. [BTW, Iran is a MUCH larger country than Iraq. Enjoy.]

Middle East

We have people in this country freaking out about a Muslim Congressman and, meanwhile, Israel is appointing an Arab Muslim to their cabinet. I hope we grow up someday.

Egypt's President wants Iran to keep out of Iraq.


Interesting story about US involvement in Somalia.

DDT is making a comeback and, this time, it is saving people's lives.

A crazy preacher in Nigeria was sentenced to hang for lighting some of his parishioners on fire.


China will increase the flexibility with which it allows it's currency, the yuan, to trade thanks to a 74% increase in the country's trade surplus.

More on China's strategy for African influence and in the Middle East.

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