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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Democracy Called on Account of Numbskullery

President Bush has apparently decided that the will of the American people can go #*@% itself.

61% or 70% (depending on the poll - they're both really, really high) of Americans oppose the President's surge.

Guess what? Its gonna happen anyway! [The token show of spine by the Congress today just makes me want to laugh/cry.]

A majority of Americans think the restrictions on embryonic stem cell research should be eased. The House passed a bill today that would do just that, 253-174.

Guess what? Bush's second-ever-veto will be the same as his first ever veto: to defeat this bill.

Oh, and another item that people want done, negotiating lower prices for prescription drugs for Medicare? If that gets passed tomorrow, Bush will veto it.

I would be the last person to ever say that popular opinion makes something right but, sometimes, the mob gets it right. I would hope that, sometime, the President would listen to his employers not just his base, his contributors, or the people whispering in his ear about his "legacy".


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