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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Go Huskers! Update

Just wanted to go on record and say I hope my alma mater, Nebraska, can beat Oklahoma in the Big XII Championship tonight.

It is hard to believe that the NU and OU have never faced off in the league championship game before.

The creation of the Big XII was designed to destroy everything that was good about the (far superior) Big 8. One of the ways they accomplished this was by stopping the annual NU v. OU match-up. So, a rivalry that used to rival (and, frankly, frequently exceed in national importance) Ohio State v. Michigan, was reduced to a twice every four years schedule. Idiots.

Part of the reason this arrangement was swallowed was that most people expected NU to play OU every year in the Championship anyway. So, now, the 11th Big XII Championship game will finally host the match-up.

I hate the Big XII.

I am no big fan of the new NU coaching staff or West Coast Offense.

However, the Huskers are playing the Sooners for the conference championship. None of that other stuff matters.

Go Huskers!

Update: Damn. OU 21 NU 7

The worst part was when the announcers said the Nebraska defense was starting to dominate and then OU went 99 1/2 yards for a TD.

How much longer will we wander in the WCO/Kevin Cosgrove (defensive coordinator) wilderness? I guess until Turner Gill makes the University of Buffalo into a powerhouse and then comes back to Lincoln.

Sigh...I can always dream.

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