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Friday, November 17, 2006

YSK Outrage: Investigative Journalist Fired for Reporting the Truth!

A couple of months ago I wrote about a story on that was written by a friend of mine from my grad school days. It detailed the Bush Administration's attempts to dictate what government scientists told the public about global warming.

Now, I read this morning that Paul was fired by his employer the journal Environmental Science & Technology (which is run by the American Chemical Society) for pursuing the story.

Shame on the ACS. These are big issues with which Paul is dealing. Dishonesty from our government should not be tolerated. This is especially so when government withholds information from it's citizens that they need to make informed decisions on important policy issues. In this case, the issue of global climate change.

People will never accept some of the steps that need to be taken to combat climate change unless our government tells them the truth.

Thank God people like Paul are out there exposing this type of incredibly damaging deception.

Thanks Paul.

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Comments on "YSK Outrage: Investigative Journalist Fired for Reporting the Truth!"


Blogger JPRS2010 said ... (1:27 PM) : 

Has Paul contacted the ACLU or similar organization? I have to imagine there is a lawyer out there who would be willing to look into this case as a pro bono effort.


Blogger Tokatakiya said ... (2:59 PM) : 

I can't get a hold of him. The last time I talked to him was the day his article went up on Salon. The email address I have for him is for which, of course, he no longer works.


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