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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Who's Dumber? John Kerry or the Media?

Its pretty clear that John Kerry mispoke the other day. Here is my advice:
Dear John Kerry,

Apologize and go away.


I've had MSNBC and CNN on today while I've been calling for Webb GOTV. They won't shut up about this crap.

Meanwhile, the military says that Iraq is moving toward chaos and 2816 US service personnel have been killed in Iraq.

God forbid they talk about that. As bad as this Republican administration and Congress have been for America, the media has done us a larger disservice. 24 hour tabloids, that is what they have devolved into.

Next, Joe Scarborough is going to ask if negative ads work by showing a bunch of negative ads...on national television...for free. How much free play do positive ads get on "news" networks?


Here's a novel idea, try presenting the public with facts about issues that will affect their lives and their votes.

The media in this country should be ashamed.

(And stop calling it "Missour-uh", dammit!)

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