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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What are the Senate Candidates Positions on Cuba Policy?

My wife (who is half Cuban) has wanted me to write this post for a while, so here goes.

Fidel Castro is apparently still alive. However, this time, he's on his way out. As such, some people are preparing for the argument that will ensue when he is finally gone: what should the US's Cuba policy be Post-Fidel? (I have written about this a couple of times over the last few months.)

By way of Sisyphus, the Guardian has a piece today about changing the US policy toward Cuba.

I will reiterate that I think the time to end the embargo is now while things are in some turmoil with the Cuban government. Why is it OK to trade with China and Vietnam but not Cuba? Does a policy have to fail for a full 50 years before it can be re-thought?

I would like to know what the candidate's positions are on this issue. If anyone can enlighten me I would appreciate it. (I believe that Allen supports the President's continued failed embargo policy. Surprise, surprise.) Anyhoo, let me know.

This is a valid question for Senate candidates as it will be an issue that they will definitely have to deal with during the next 6 year term.

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