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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Webb v. Allen Clip Show: Jim Webb Will Be a Great Senator

Here are some reasons why people can be for Jim Webb, not just against George Allen.

Also, let's not forget the advantages of having an independent Senator who is not a politician.

Here is a post I wrote debunking the first Allen attack ad on Jim Webb (it includes the glowing letter President Reagan wrote when Secretary Webb resigned).

These are my two favorite Webb ads:

Leadership we can trust and "America needs a new direction, not left or right, but forward."

I think the best point I can make to show how strongly I believe in Jim Webb is to remind you that I quit my job for this.

We're almost there. Do what you must, do all you can.


To contribute to Jim Webb for Senate, click
Bloggers for Webb or
Phone from Home for Jim Webb

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