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Monday, November 06, 2006

Webb v. Allen Clip Show: Iraq and National Security

(This is the big one so its appropriate that this is my 250th post.)

The Iraq War and the War on Terror are the defining issues of our time and "Senator" Allen has neither a plan nor a clue about what to do.

Actually, Allen and Al-Qaeda have the same plan for Iraq. Both want to keep it going indefinitely.

But then, Allen thinks Iraqi Kurdistan is doing so well because you don't have to wear body-armor there (most of the time).

Bush has been going around rallying Republican crowds and telling them to ask Democratic candidates "What's your plan?" for Iraq. Here's Jim Webb's plan. He's been saying it for 2 years. What's your plan, Mr. President? What's your plan, Mr. Allen? I think we'd all love to hear one.

Oh and let's not forget, Jim Webb was right about Iran and right about North Korea. Wouldn't it be nice if the people making foreign policy in this country got something right once in a while? George Allen is on the foreign relations committee and all he knows about foreign policy is what the White House tells him (and their foreign policy track record stinks). He blindly follows along...and the world is worse off for it.

The reality is that we need to follow Jim Webb's plan to redeploy our troops outside of Iraq and contain the Iraqi civil war so that it doesn't spill over into Iran, Syria, (or our allies) Turkey, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. This will mean negotiating with Iran and Syria about the future security of Iraq. This needs to happen so we must get past the irresponsible "Axis of Evil" rhetoric.

We already don't control Iraq or it's politicians. The Shiite leadership is using the US troops as a means of not including the Sunnis in the government in a meaningful way. As long as our troops are there to protect them, they will never be forced to reconcile.

Oh, and BTW, while we are screwing around in Iraq, Afghanistan is slipping away.

Also, if we continue the Bush/Cheney/Allen plan of "stay the course" and "full speed ahead", we will continue to decimate our armed forces. This will inevitably necessitate a draft.

The only honest conclusion to any debate about Iraq or National Security between George Allen and Jim Webb is obvious: Jim Webb wins hands down. He is a decorated combat veteran and he has real world experience regarding foreign policy. Allen can not hold a candle to Jim Webb in this area.

So, if you believe that the Iraq War and the War on Terror are the defining issues of our day, Jim Webb should be your choice for US Senate. It's not even close. We've had enough (faux) cowboy diplomacy. It is time we had leaders who study the problems, consider the consequences of actions, and make rational decisions.

There is only one candidate in this race who will do that:

James H. Webb.

Vote Webb and GOTV!

To contribute to Jim Webb for Senate, click
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