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Friday, November 03, 2006

Webb v. Allen Clip Show: George Allen is a Travesty of a Joke of a Senator

Why is he a Travesty?

Six years of Bush/Allen policies have led to an increase in poverty.

George Allen is supported by the "Club for Growth" which wants to take Federal subsidies away from Virginia farmers. (I don't think this has been talked about enough in the rural areas of the state.)

(Many more specific examples of this to come.)

Why is he a Joke?

Geraldo Rivera takes shots at him. (On FOX for God's sake!)

His campaign's "shut your pie hole" strategy of keeping Allen away from reporters for fear of him, well, saying something. Anything. Because as John Stewart said, "Senator George Allen says a lot of stupid $#!#."

Allen stole an amendment written by another Senator and changed one word to make it his own.

He scheduled fundraiser with President Bush was on the same day as the President campaigned with an alleged mistress strangler. This resulted in an entire day of Allen's problems being equated with someone accused of (I'll say it again) strangling his mistress.

Thugs who support Allen assaulted a man who asked Allen a question.

Allen said, "Written words are words you think about." Unlike every word that comes out of his mouth.

Last but not least, "Welcome to America, M*****."

Let me be clear, George Allen is not a "Senator", he is a punchline. He is no longer taken seriously by anyone.

Does that sound Jeffersonian?

Virginia deserves better.

Vote for Jim Webb.

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