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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Webb v. Allen Clip Show: Allen Has No Energy Plan

George Allen wanted to make his "Energy independence" "plan" the cornerstone of his (soon-to-be-failed) re-election bid and, presumably, for his (soon-to-never-happen) Presidential run.

However, "his" "plan" was cobbled together from already submitted legislation. Basically, he stole it, just like he stole Illinois Dick Durbin's amendment back in September.

The cornerstone of his plan was, of course, drilling in ANWR. Regardless of whether we should drill there or not, this is not a strategy for energy independence. This is putting a band-aid on a broken leg.

He also (yet again) flip-flopped on supporting ethanol when he decided he needed to be for it to win Presidential primary votes in Iowa. On wonders if, now that his Presidential ambitions are all-but-dead, "Senator" Allen would now support ethanol? (Fortunately, when we vote him out on November 7th, we won't have to find out.)

Allen also repeatedly voted against controls for speculation in energy markets. This means he was OK with speculators pushing up the price of oil and, consequently, the price of gasoline. (BTW, if you think the free market alone controls the price of oil, read this and think again.)

Finally, Allen supported giving huge tax breaks to the oil industry while they were making record profits! He blindly rubber-stamped the Bush/Cheney energy plan which was written by the oil industry behind closed doors!

Jim Webb will make sure that large corporations (like the oil companies) pay their fair share. He understands the volatility of the Middle East and the importance of making the US less beholden to that region.

We need a serious change in US energy policy.

Vote Jim Webb.

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Comments on "Webb v. Allen Clip Show: Allen Has No Energy Plan"


Blogger Va Breeze said ... (6:42 PM) : 

I have thought Allen's energy plan was to do whatever the oil co.'s wanted. Well, for the third quarter (July-Sept. 2006), both Exxon and Chevron posted record profits. Exxon made $10.5 Billion and Chevron made only $5 Billion.

So much for looking out for the American people. This is another great example why we need Jim Webb!


Blogger Peter Matthes said ... (5:30 AM) : 

Go Jim Webb!


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