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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Saudi Intervention in Iraq: American Lifeline or Harbinger of WWIII?

Saudi Arabia is prepared to step into the void left by redeploying American troops.

I'm not sure if this is a threat or an offer but I say we take them up on it.

The Saudis want to defend Iraqi Sunnis from genocide at the hands of Iranian supported Iraqi Shiite militias. They are prepared to send in troops (including exiled Baathist Iraqi military) AND flood the worldwide oil market with supply sufficient to cut the price per barrel in half!

The biggest problem with us leaving Iraq is the power vacuum we will leave behind. If the Saudis step in they will significantly mitigate that problem. (Of course, the Saudis aren't exactly a freedom loving Iran/Syria alternative but this mess doesn't have a Disney ending.) Additionally, the House of Saud is no friend of al-Qaeda, so their small presence amongst the Iraqi Sunnis would be quickly eliminated in deference to the new Saudi patrons.

Overall, this is the best news I have heard out of the region in a while...which is very sad considering that Saudi intervention would possibly result in a regional war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

So, yes, the potential opening rhetorical salvo of WWIII is the best news from the Middle East in a while.


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