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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Direction

Well, first I need to apologize for the lack of posting lately. I've been doing a pretty weak job since the election. However, Tokatakiya passed the 5000 visitor mark just the other day. I'm pretty proud of that since my other blog (ROBBLOG), which is 6 months older, only recently passed 3300 hits. The election gave this blog purpose and direction.

But the election is over, so now what?

As some of you will recall, I quit my job as a freelance science writer to volunteer full-time for the Webb campaign. Some people thought I was wasting my time. Given the result (and the margin of victory), I think my decision was justified. (Especially in light of the boat-rocking Webb looks poised to do in the Senate. The President is going to have to get used to a Senator who doesn't roll over and wet himself every time Bush says 'Boo'. What a shame.) However, since the election is over, it is time to go back to work. I recently accepted a full-time, go-to-an-office position that will require me to quickly become well-versed in all things HIV/AIDS. This job will be in support of an HIV information dissemination website (among other things), so I'm excited to work on expanding the reach of the site to help educate the public on prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. (I want to use as much "New-media" capabilities as possible so, if you have any ideas in this regard, please leave them in the comments. Thanks.)

As such, this blog will probably contain significantly more on HIV/AIDS than I have covered in the past. This is at least as important an issue as any I have previously dealt with here, especially in light of the fact that AIDS is poised to become the third leading killer worldwide in the next 25 years. This is a great opportunity for me career-wise and, more importantly, it will allow me to have an impact on one of the biggest health threats the world now faces. This is not where I envisioned myself (believe me) but it is an exciting new path.

I haven't started yet so I will be staying mum until I get more details.

In other Tokatakiya related news, I am going to try to get back on a nightly "Evening Chuckle" schedule, put up a new "Trivia Quiz for Manhood" (the current edition of which is still open for competition - step right up!), and try to revive my "Today in Science" feature. I will also put up substantive posts on a variety of issues more regularly. (Although not as regular as during the campaign, of course.)

Thanks for your support and please continue reading. I'm not going anywhere.

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