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Thursday, November 30, 2006

In Which I Re-establish My Independent Cred

1) George Will's op-ed about the Bush-Webb altercation has taught right-wing bloggers a new word: boor. They are playing with it like a kid with a new toy on Christmas morn. Thanks, Mr. Will!

2) The Iraq Study Group will recommend that we start pulling back our troops from Iraq. Too bad no one with any power to effect such a move will pay any attention to this.

3) The newly empowered Democratic Congressional leadership has decided NOT to reform Congressional intelligence oversight as per the 9/11 Commission recommendations, thus breaking a campaign pledge to fully implement all 9/11 Commission recommendations.

I am never a fan of just doing blanket things like saying "we'll implement them all". Maybe some of the ideas aren't necessary to implement. However, this one is.

So, let me be blunt:

Dear Democrats,

Overhauling Congress (both in ethics and 9/11 reforms) was one of the main reasons I supported you this election cycle, as did many others. We worked hard for you. We own you. Do not %#@$ with us. If you can't make the hard decisions that will be slightly uncomfortable for you in Congress, then what the hell good are you? You will lose again in '08 if you don't come through in the next two years.

Try doing something for the good of the country instead of consolidating your own power. We had enough of that crap over the last 12 years. That is why the Republicans are no longer in charge. Never forget that you won this election, not because you are Democrats, but because you are not Republicans. You have two years to get people to support you because you are Democrats. The best way to do that is NOT to start doing the same crap that got the Republicans booted in the first place.



PS: I was talking to my brother right after the election and we agreed one of the best things about the Democrats winning was that we could now criticize both sides. Just attacking Republicans (though 100% justified) for everything made us feel like nut-balls. It feels good to be equal opportunity again. Enjoy.

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